Business Aviation

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Business aviation is a form of air transportation that offers on-demand, point-to-point service, providing business leaders with a highly efficient and convenient means of travel.

Business aviation also includes medical evacuations, humanitarian missions, and military flights.


What are the advantages of utilizing business aviation?


  • Time saving

In Europe, the density of airports served by business aviation is three times higher than that of airports served by regular airlines. This mode of transportation strengthens interconnectivity between locations and eliminates connections and waiting times.

By landing at an airport closer to your final destination and visiting multiple sites in a single day, you can significantly reduce the duration and expenses of your business trips while avoiding the costs of transfers and accommodations.

In addition, by arriving only 15 minutes before your departure at the Fixed Base Operator (FBO), instead of several hours before takeoff, you are freed from the constraints of commercial aviation.

  • Flexibility

Business aviation allows you to choose your travel schedule and itinerary. If your business meeting lasts longer than expected, in most cases, you may be able to delay the departure to accommodate your schedule changes.

You can also plan a last-minute trip by booking a business jet up to 4 hours before departure.

  • Privacy & Productivity

Private jet travel enables you to maintain the same level of productivity as you would in the office, while also allowing you to communicate with clients or colleagues in complete confidentiality, free from concerns about corporate espionage.

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